VetCell Therapeutics Asia is a cell therapy company focused on the provision of cell based treatments for use in veterinarian medicine in Asia. Our parent company, VetCell Therapeutics in the U.S., has been involved in the basic scientific research of a variety of products that have regenerative properties for over 10 years. The company has researched the use of many types of therapeutic cells for regenerative treatment, such as germ line stem cells, bone marrow stem cells and also blood derived stem cells for their renewing properties. Their past work on adipose cells has recently shown that these cells have the potential to be used in therapeutic applications. These cells are the subject of many clinical trials, some with complex diseases such as Parkinson’s or Type I Diabetes. A goal of VetCell Therapeutics is to further the use of these cells in our pet animals. In dogs, it has shown that these cells are potent enough to treat cases of osteoarthritis with encouraging results. VetCell Therapeutics Asia plans to work with veterinarians to develop delivery of these therapies and to work with pet owners to generate improved treatment for our companion animals.