On 24th February 2017, Dr. Wallis Chan was given the talk in the PetShow 2017 under the title of “The Latest Treatment for Arthritis in Dogs with Cutting Edge Technology”. In the presentation, she talked about the conventional treatments as well as the STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY on dog arthritis with 3 case studies. This talk was successfully raised out the interest of the pet owners on the new advanced stem cell technology on dog arthritis treatment and many of them were so eager to ask for more information even after the talk. It was a good opportunity to initiate the awareness of the STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY amongst the HK pet owners.

今年224, 陳綽姿獸醫在香港寵物節2017中作演講 , 題目名為狗隻關節炎的最新尖端治療法” ;  在演講中, 陳醫生講述傳統和幹細胞用於治療狗隻關節炎上 , 並分享三個個案 ; 這次講座成功引起主人對幹細胞用於關節炎的處理 , 帶領主人關注幹細胞治療在香港的新發展